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Educational Counselling

If you are planning to study abroad, then you may be wondering about the services of an overseas education consultant. We can provide you with everything from educational counselling, visa assistance, rental space, and hostels, to helping you adjust to the lifestyle of the country you’ll be studying in. Our overseas education consultancy has all these services under one roof, we also offer language classes.

Our consultancy has tie-ups with universities around the world and has a vast portfolio of information regarding the universities. We also organize events with university representatives and fellow students to help you find the right institution for you. As more students dream to study abroad, more countries are altering their student visas and education policies to meet the needs of prospective students. Our consultants can help you navigate the complicated immigration process by applying to universities and obtaining student permits from prospective countries.

Career Guidance

Our consultants are experts in international education, so they can guide you through the admission procedures to the best overseas universities. They can even recommend what to study and where to study, based on your profile and needs. They also can help you crack VISA interviews and apply to your preferred college or university. our best educational counselling will make the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

Educational Counselling

Counselling Services

Assisting students in selecting the right university for further studies is an important aspect of the study abroad process. With the help of Uniconnect¬†educational counselling, students and their parents can learn about all academic options that may be available to them. The program also helps the students prepare for a study abroad trip by offering pre-departure orientation and extensive planning assistance. Uniconnect’s staff has extensive experience in studying abroad and offers valuable advice and information to students, parents, and the University community.

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